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MOSAICS by Andy Lambrogiotas

Artist Biography

I spent 26 years teaching history and geography in a number of schools in Melbourne and country Victoria with most of them being at Horsham College.

My 50th was coming up and for a number of reasons was looking for a life change and a new career. I wanted that to be something that was completely different to what I had been doing to this time.

In that, I have partially succeeded.

I started thinking about a certain art form.

Art has been in the background in a number of ways throughout my teaching career, but not in any major way, although it came through in my teaching of history.

In the ten years before I retired as a teacher I had started to dabble in mosaics and found them fascinating.

The limitations that this art form presented, challenged and drew me in. For instance there are limited colours which cannot be mixed. You take the colours that are available to you. From that you create an image.









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