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More Great Properties of Country Victoria

Books New Release Non Fiction 29 Sep 2016

Pre-order YOUR COPY TODAY In-store 30th October 2017

Force of Nature

Books Featured Fiction New Release 29 Sep 2016

Lost, Cold, Desperate ... Danger Runs Deep What has happened to Alice Russell? Five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks…

Annie's Farmhouse Kitchen: Seasonal Menus with a French Heart

Books New Release Non Fiction 29 Sep 2016

Author: Annie Smithers A handsome, gifty package, it includes a best-of selection of three and four-course menus collected by Annie over the…

Museum of Modern Love

Books Fiction 15 Sep 2016

Author: Heather Rose Winner of the 2017 Stella Prize. A mesmerising literary novel about a lost man in search of connection…