Horsham’s Independent Bookstore

Some News…

Redrock Books & Gallery is for sale. After 14 years owning the business, it is time for me to move on to new adventures. And it’s time for you to buy a bookshop! If you are genuinely interested in buying a bookshop contact redrock67@redrockbooksngallery.com.au and let us start talking.

For orders/enquires email rbg71@bigpond.com

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday10 am–5pm
Wednesday10 am–5pm
Thursday10 am-5pm
Friday10 am-5pm
Saturday 10 am-1pm
Sunday Closed

For orders/enquires email rbg71@bigpond.com

Please call us to confirm opening hours! Sometimes for unforeseen circumstances these times could change overnight, so if you are wanting to collect your order or travelling through Horsham, give us a quick call to see if we are here.

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