Exhibition Space in Horsham

The space at 67 Firebrace Street, Horsham

About our space

Our gallery space brings to Horsham CBD a contemporary art gallery that is a necessity for the flourishing local art community. It is available for artists at any stage of their career working in any medium. We welcome artists graduating in other cities to apply – our gallery is the perfect place show work to a new audience.

2020 set a great challenge for the gallery, no viewers was hard for the artist who had worked all year to have an exhibition. Now things are easing the return of the opening won’t be far away.

There is floor space and plinths for 3D or larger free standing works. The situation is open to view for a wide audience, those who are browsing books, those who are attending workshops and also the people looking for galleries.

What we offer

  • Email invitations sent through a list of subscribers
  • Advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Invigilation by bookshop staff during opening hours
  • There will be additional fees if works are hung by our staff.

Please understand that while Redrock Books & Gallery takes every care with art works supplied for exhibitions, we take no responsibility for theft of the works or any damage whatsoever.

The gallery often partners with local arts festivals, hosting workshops, book signings and other special events. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

How to apply

Please submit an expression of interest via email to rbg71@bigpond.com containing:

  • a CV
  • an outline of your exhibition proposal

Please call (03) 5381 0866 for all event or workshop queries, as well as any questions about the exhibition application process.